Sunday, September 27, 2009

dearly departed

Feel the way we look up lovingly
To the heights that are now calling
You to different tasks from life on earth
Give to all your friends you left here
Of your strength from spirit spheres.

Listen to our souls' beseeching
That now intimateley asks you:
For our work on earth we require
Forces strong from spirit lands
That our friends now dead can give us.

'tis a hope that makes us joyful,
'tis a loss that hurts us deeply;
Let us hope that you, now farnear,
Never lost, our life may brighten
As a soul-star in the spirit realms.

Translation of Rudolf Steiner verse by P. Hoffmann

Sunday, September 20, 2009


With the Wizard away all day today, the kids and I went to our first ever county fair. We are now hooked and the children have been talking about what animals they're going to raise on their (hypothetical) farm. I'm so pleased that they had such a good time, I really didn't know going in how they would like it. We started our day looking at enormous sunflowers and other produce, and then we were able to help a man with his (antique) cider press. The Elf could have stayed right there for about 3 hours, chopping and pressing apples. But we did eventually move on and visited the chickens and rabbits in what is surely the loudest barn at the fair. We took lots of pictures of pretty birds. All of us so want to raise chickens, but that will require a move as in our county you have to own two acres of land to raise poultry, and we sure don't.

When we were able to say goodbye to the beautiful angora rabbits (of course we'll be raising those too, one day), we found our way to an area where a lady was spinning up alpaca. We talked spinning for a while and she showed us how to ply the yarn (easy with a spinning wheel, I wonder how it's possible without one?). From there we meandered into the "maternity barn" and happened upon a massive sow in labor. We watched one of the piglets emerge, and afterwards the Hobbit was quite adamant that there was no way she was born in any way resembling what she had just seen. So that was an interesting conversation. The Elf, true to her melancholic nature just stated that she didn't think it was fair to the sow to have to give birth surrounded by so many people and noise.

Following this amazing experience, we made our way over to the rides where we had to look at absolutely everything and have an ice cream cone before the girls could decide what to go on. They each tried out one ride, but the best choice was the Ferris Wheel which we all enjoyed. From up high we were able to watch the horse show. Lots of beautiful draft horses and wagons. As soon as our feet touched the ground we ran over there to watch some of the competition, which was fascinating.

So we had an eventful day with lots of new impressions to digest. I am sure I will be hearing from the Hobbit's teacher about the classroom discussions that will surely ensue from her witnessing a birth. As for the Elf, she cannot wait until she can raise her own chickens and rabbits, and maybe a cow, and of course horses and.... big plans are being made!

Monday, September 7, 2009

the end of summer

It turns out our last few days of summer are rainy and gray, perfect weather to organize the house for the return to school. My workspace is almost ready, the children are excited and terrified, and I have collected binders full of materials for the year and am close to done with my planning.

The summer has been so full. There was teacher training, vacation, a death in the family, house projects, a few outings to the pool and other fun places, much time together just playing and cooking and being.

This schoolyear promises lots of transitions. The Hobbit starts First Grade and our family will be working to sell our house. If all works out, we will be relocating to a beautiful part of the country within the next year, where new opportunities and friends await. It is so very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are many things to be done, planned and dreamt between now and then. Of course there are also jobs to be done well, chores to be completed, children to be raised and animals to be cared for. A busy year indeed and I wouldn't have it any other way - at least not right now!