Wednesday, March 10, 2010

life continues to be mysterious

Happy Spring - almost. After a very long and harsh winter for our latitude, the temperatures have risen and the flowers are starting to grow. As we breathe out into the garden for the first time in many months, we still find ourselves at a crossroads. Much learning has ensued, life isn't necessarily any more clear though.

I began the process of my job search in October, interviewed with what was my dream school, and then progressively learned that things aren't always what they seem. Politics and such are present in the most polished looking organization (perhaps especially there) and priorities shift. At this point I'm not closer to having a job but I know much more of what is really important to me and the family.

So the search continues. I visited one school that felt like "the place" for me, and all looked most excellent until a more senior teacher expressed interest in the position and I was asked to contact them again next year. So the question is whether I should keep looking elsewhere, or wait until something opens up in the community we have longed to be a part of for 15 years.

I continue to explore to find out. More meetings set up in a couple of weeks, meaning more time away from my family. It can be stressful being in the middle of these life changes and not knowing what the future brings, but in the meantime we remember that it's all good. We have so many options, and none of them are bad. Some of them are much preferred, but while we all get to dream we don't always get to determine the timeline in which our dreams come true. Things that are really worthwhile, are also worth waiting for. At least that's what I keep telling myself.