Sunday, November 23, 2008


Often I am not aware just how many of my feelings, views and reactions are a matter of choice. Today I have chosen:
- to take a nap instead of continuing to feel overwhelmed by all that I need to do;
- to laugh at Elf's knock-knock jokes for probably the 100th time;
- to spend time reading Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom;
- to accept that I probably won't get all of it this time;
- to forego an unhealthy food choice and have tea instead;
- to clean up other people's messes without grumbling;
- to let the Wizard be in charge of Thanksgiving - it's better for everyone this way;
- to spend a few minutes with the children without thinking about my to do list;
- to stop on my way to the basement to scratch my dog's ears;
- to remember my friend J. by trying hard to bring more kindness into my life.

I hope you had a lovely weekend with lots of goodness to choose from!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! I don't think many people "get all of it", even the tenth time.

Today I noticed I was angry, because my husband went back to bed after breakfast (he wasn't feeling well) and so I didn't get to take a shower or go to church because I had to be with the kids. Then when he finally got up at lunchtime, my anger immediately disappeared the moment I spoke to him. Funny how that happens. What a wasted morning, spending it so upset. Next time I'll be more proactive, as you did today.