Sunday, December 7, 2008

catching up

Well, and how was your Thanksgiving all those many days ago? It appears that in spite of my best efforts time has in fact moved forward! I spent the last week doing double duty in my own classroom and in someone else's. I don't recommend taking on preparing additional curricula on a regular basis, because it really interferes with things like family and eating and sleeping.

Having said all that, it was a great experience. I was asked by one of our class teachers to spend two mornings in Main Lesson with her class of 17, and I am glad I did. This is a challenging group of children, and I remember thinking that if I can teach them anything, I need not worry about my teaching skills. I do think I succeeded in my attempts. I found this group of kids really needed me to be firm and strong, but also flexible. They need to be seen as the individuals they are, and truly one has to work with each individual child to remind them of their best abilities. They taught me a lot about successful class teaching. I am so greatful to them! I also managed to pull off my first ever blackboard drawing, and it was actually quite nice.

I also recently joined a study group. We are reading Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom. I have been wanting to read this for some time, but felt I could really benefit from the insights of others on this work. The primary method we are using in our study is that we read a number of paragraphs and try to summarize them in one or two sentences. I have found this approach to be extremely helpful because it helps me gain more clarity in my thinking when I prepare myself, and I get everyone else's input each week on all I have read.

Only two more weeks until winter break. I am so pulled towards home right now, with Advent and all the baking and crafting and singing with loved ones that entails. Unfortunately I have to write reports before any of that can happen, so I will likely be quiet for a while.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great way to approach Philosophy of Freedom. The teacher when I studied it called it "boiling it down". And I think having a study group is a huge help, too.